Lone Moose by Ian McGregor Photography

Lone Moose

A moose stands in a large field of Canola on the Canadian prairie in the summer. Photo captured in SE Saskatchewan. I was photographing landscapes on a partly cloudy morning when I noticed a black object in the middle of a distant and large Canola field. I approached the edge of the field via a tiny farm road which was the nearest I was prepared to get without startling the moose. I wanted to capture some sense of scale, with such a large animal dwarfed by the size of these fields and the general scale of the landscape of the prairies.

Saskatchewan Canada
Nikon D810 with Sigma 50-500mm lens
Honourable mention in the “Flora and Fauna” category in the 2016 Canadian Geographic Annual Photo Competition and multiple web recognitions
Keywords: Canada, Canola, Field, Ian McGregor, ianmcgregorphotography.com, moose, Nikon, Photography, Saskatchewan